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Solved Multiple Choice Model Questions Papers for Judicial Services Preliminary (Pre) Examination.

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 Solved Objective Model Paper for General Knowledge
Q. The Headquarter of food and agriculture Organisation is in:
Ans 1- Patna
Ans 2- Rome
Ans 3- Madrid
Ans 4- Washington
CorrectAnswer: Rome
Q. The United Nations is considered as universal organisation.which organ of the organisations fully represents the fact?
Ans 1- The General Assembly
Ans 2- Security Council
Ans 3- The Economic and Social Council
Ans 4- The Secretariat
CorrectAnswer: The General Assembly
Q. The headquarter of UNHCR is located at ?
Ans 1- NewYork
Ans 2- Rome
Ans 3- London
Ans 4- Geneva
CorrectAnswer: Geneva
Q. G-15 is a group of ?
Ans 1- Developing Countries
Ans 2- Developed Countries
Ans 3- Non-aligned Countries
Ans 4-
CorrectAnswer: Developing Countries
Q. India is a member of ?
Ans 1- NAM and SAARC
Ans 2- OPEC and SAARC
Ans 3- NAM and ASEAN
Ans 4- NAM and OPEC
CorrectAnswer: NAM and SAARC